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Double Standards

Do you think, for even one minute, that had Bob Filner been a Republican member of Congress, this story would have glossed over his party affiliation? The only mention of Filner’s party alignment is the tiny “D” attached to his state. That’s how the mainstream media does it when the arrested/indicted/convicted member is a Democrat.

When the evil doer in question is a Republican, the headlines look like this:

GOP Rep. Mark Foley Resigns Over E-Mails

If you doubt my assertion that the Politico was subjective in choosing not to say “Democrat Filner charged with battery…”, look at this paragraph.

Filner is the latest member of Congress to have a run-in with law enforcement. In July, Rep. Christopher Shays (R-Conn.) had a loud confrontation with Capitol Police officers at a Capitol doorway, and he later apologized for the incident. In a now infamous incident, former Rep. Cynthia McKinney (D-Ga.), slammed her cell phone against the chest of a Capitol Police officer who asked her for identification because she was not wearing her special member of Congress pin. Also last year, Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) was arrested for driving under the influence when he rammed his car into a steel barrier outside the Capitol. He later underwent rehabilitation for alcohol and apologized to the Capitol Police.

Notice the attempt to conflate “a loud confrontation” with two incidents of assault and one of DUI? I have loud confrontations with people all the time. It’s the hot-tempered Irishman in me. Hell, I had one with the people at UPS the other day for refusing to honor their guarantee when my next day package was not delivered the next day.

When Democrats assault airline employees and police officers, or run their car into barriers and blame it on prescription medication, it’s a bipartisan problem. When Republicans break the law, it’s a ‘culture of corruption’. Is it any wonder the public perception of crime committed by the two parties tilts heavily against the GOP? The media is complicit in characterizing it that way.

Written by Michael Turk