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Don Imus Back On the Air?

Drudge is reporting it, and I have to say I’m not surprised. Don Imus is considering a return to radio on a competitor station to the one he got bounced from last spring. The only question now is whether the PC elite in this country will ratchet up the pressure to keep this hire from happening.

When Imus made his now infamous “nappy headed hos” comment last April, the outcry for his removal was incredible. Unable to withstand the pressure, CBS bailed on the host. Without a show, he also lost his simulcast deal on MSNBC.

If Citadel Broadcasting hires the disgraced jock, I’ll be amazed. If this story doesn’t spark more racial tension, I could wake up tomorrow sewn to the floor and not be more surprised.

It seems unlikely, to say that least, that our “forgive and forget” society will let the guy back on the air after only a couple of months gone. It just seems that 6 months isn’t quite enough time to renounce racism and misogyny.

Written by Michael Turk