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Dirty Democrat and Oil For Food.

CrimeDemocratsCongressSomething interesting that caught my eye tonight was the investigation into the possible illegal activities of one Robert Toricelli, former Senator and dirty Democrat. When the Democrats talk about a culture of corruption, the reason they recognize it is because they’ve all met Toricelli.

At those meetings [with the Iraqi Ambassador to the U.N.], according to the newspaper, Torricelli, then a House member, allegedly urged Iraq to help his campaign donor, David Chang, and Chang’s company, Bright & Bright Corp., get oil-for-food contracts.

In 2002, the Senate Ethics Committee “severely admonished” Torricelli for accepting improper gifts from Chang, and the senator decided not to seek re-election. Two years earlier, Chang pleaded guilty to obstructing justice and funneling $53,700 in illegal donations to Torricelli’s 1996 Senate campaign. Chang told investigators that he gave Torricelli cash and gifts in exchange for assistance in his business ventures; Torricelli called the allegations lies.

So Iraq is recognized as the epitome of vile, and we’re pushing for sanctions and admonishing them for jerking the UN weapons inspectors around, but Toricelli is trying to get some of their oil money into his friend’s pocket so his friend can put it back in his.

Given the Democrats reluctance to seriously push Iraq in the lead up to the war, it almost makes you wonder if there may have been more Democrats trying to bilk the oil-for-food program. Let’s see where this one leads.

Written by Michael Turk