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Desmond’s Time Travel

I’ve had a couple of conversations about the Desmond episode of Lost a couple weeks back. The general theme of these has been the implication of Desmond’s time travel. With the show creators having confirmed he did, in fact, travel back in time, the question that remains is whether he’s still “back in time.”

My theory begins with the scene in the bar. He saw the guy with the cricket bat coming in the door because he had lived that moment before. He chose to intercede by shouting out, and got clocked.

Now he is interceding again. He sees glimpses of what’s going to happen, and steps in. If he did, in fact, travel back, and saw the glimpse of the bar brawl, is he seeing the glimpses now because he has actually lived this before as well?

I believe Desmond is on (at least) his third trip through the loop and isn’t seeing glimpses of the future, but repetitions of the past.

Written by Michael Turk