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Dennis Zhidkov, PR Warrior

TechnologyVideo GamingIn the amusing world of intellectual property rights, companies will try damn near anything to protect their creations. Following on the heels of Sony’s disastrous foray into the exciting world of rootkits, game makers have turned to a little known company called StarForce to protect their games from copying. It seems some people believe the software causes system damage and instability

After Boing Boing posted that little note, Dennis Zhidkov, PR Warrior, wrote to the site and threatened legal action.

Despite their offices in exotic locations, I’m guessing that StarForce is a fairly small company. For some reason these little companies like to employ spastic over eager types who go nutso on things like this.

When I was at the RNC, we did an RFP for a desktop alert system. One of the losing vendors on that bid went spastic. He was calling and e-mailing me about 10 or 12 times a day. I felt like I had broken up with a psycho girlfriend.

That’s when it went from annoying to really weird.

He wrote to inform me that he had secured the domain name and would be building a website to tell the world how horrible I was.

The website changed randomly for a period of about a week. First there was an odd picture of a crying eagle with the text “Vendor Beware”.

Then the site changed to an odd picture of a clown.

Then the site became a thesis on the fact that responding to an RFP doesn’t necessarily mean you get the job. It seemed to stun and amaze him that someone would issue and RFP and be allowed to judge the submissions based on purely subjective criteria.

Then he sent a final e-mail telling me the site had been taken down as it had served its purpose.

I’m not sure what that purpose was, but it had done it.

So I feel for Cory at Boing Boing. I imagine that Dennis Zhidkov, PR Warrior may just be warming up. As a word of advice, I’d suggest Cory secure…

Written by Michael Turk