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Denise Richards’ Sworn Statement Against Charlie Sheen


If you’re a fan of the train wreck that is celebrity life and the media coverage of it, you’ll love this one. Denise Richards’ response to Charlie Sheen’s request for joint custody is an amazing read. It details his fondness for drugs, violence, porn, prostitutes, and generally wacky behavior. This is one that will go down in the history of celeb news. It’ll be bigger that Heidi Fleiss.

Denise states upfront that she was pressured not to file the statement out of a healthy respect for the damage it could do to Sheen’s reputation. Given everyone knows he’s a hooker and drug addict, it shouldn’t be a stretch to see him as an abusive porn addict also. His fans look past that anyway, so I don’t know that this will hurt him too much. Given the power and influence of the Sheen clan in Hollywood, I’ll be curious to see if it damages Denise’s ability to get work.

Written by Michael Turk