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Dems08: Attack Of The Has-Beens And Never-Will-Bes

Dear god I would hate to be a Democrat primary voter this year. The slate of wannabe Presidents that are lining up on the left is absolutely ridiculous. Now Chris Dodd is jumping into the waters hip deep. It’s like every bad candidate from years past is lining up under the theory that they’ll be somehow more palatable.

So your field includes 2004 loser John Kerry, 1988 plagiarist-in-chief Joe Biden, 2004 joke Dennis Kucinich, and 2004 double loser (POTUS and Veep) John Edwards. Al Gore could jump in. You just know Al Sharpton wants 15 more minutes of attention, though Jesse Jackson might have to arm wrestle Sharpton for the right to be this years token wacko. All we need is Dick Gephardt to come out of obscurity and form a dream ticket with Geraldine Ferraro.

I look at the GOP field and yawn, but I look at the Dem field and cringe.

Written by Michael Turk