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Democrat Strategy

PoliticsDemocrats should be making huge strides with the American electorate, but just aren’t. The NY Times has a good look at the confusion this is causing in the Democrat party’s inner circle. Needless to say, it’s not pretty. Some D’s are saying they need an agenda on which to run:

“What the American people are hungry to hear from us is, what is the difference?” Mr. Edwards said in an interview. “What will we do? How will we deal with the corruption issue in Washington? How will we deal with the huge moral issues that we have at home? This is a huge opportunity for our party to show what we are made of.”

Others are claiming there’s no rush.

“When you bring it out early, you are going to leave it open for the spinmeisters in Rove’s machine, the Republican side, to tear it to pieces,” said Senator Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois.

[P]ointing to the Democratic strategy in defeating Mr. Bush’s Social Security proposal last year, [Pelosi] said there was no rush. “People said, ‘You can’t beat something with nothing,’ ” she said, arguing that the Democrats had in fact accomplished precisely that this year. “I feel very confident about where we are.”

Durbin dragged out that same tired line the Kerry people used last year. The claim that you can’t put forward an agenda because the other side will attack it is ridiculous. Why not get a sack, Dick? Ante up. Get in the game. Washington is a town that’s supposed to do two things – identify problems and find solutions.

If you’re not going to offer an idea because someone may say it’s not good one, you should get the hell out of government.

Written by Michael Turk