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Democrat Data Troubles

PoliticsTechnologyHarold Ickes wants to build a voter database for profit and has hired alumni of and M.I.T. Howard Dean thinks this is the job of the DNC, despite the fact that the DNC has been trying to do this since at least 2000 (when they approached a former employer of mine about bidding for the RFP to do it).

This is a long running pipe dream of the DNC’s. They know they’re behind the curve on data and targeting capabilities. Their problem is they keep trying and failing to do this. DemZilla was heavily touted as being on par with what the GOP was doing, right up until they actually tried to use it.

Now the Dems are in a pissing contest over who should build the ‘base.

It’s stories like this that make me feel really good about our chances in 2006 and 2008 despite our lackluster public opinion numbers. If they can’t get it together long enough to figure out who their voters are, we’ll keep winning – even if we start biting the heads off of live chickens and performing ritual virgin sacrifices in the middle of the town square.

You’ve got to love technology.

Written by Michael Turk