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D Is For Dumbfounded

PoliticsIt’s good to be the GOP.

Even when the everything is going to hell – your President’s approval rating is about 1 number higher than his shoe size; a Congress bought and paid for with lobbyist dollars congratulates itself for stemming the flow of free lunches and calls that reform; and a tough on terrorism Administration is eavesdropping on Americans’ calls while selling our ports to the Arab nations they’re taking to on the phone (were the Dubai calls monitored by the NSA?) – you can still count on the Democrats to be beating the hell out of themselves instead of us.

Honestly, can you think of a better deal? We get to stamp and trample the constitution and citizen rights, and the Democrats won’t do a thing about it because they can’t get the poll-tested message worked out. The LA Times features a good analysis of their message trouble.

What’s really sad is the Democrats spend so much time bitching about the “culture of corruption” that is the result of one-party rule, yet they continually squander every opportunity to be an effective second party. Really, they have only themselves to blame for our excesses. If they could only get their act together, we wouldn’t feel we have free rein to run amok.

Written by Michael Turk