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Cultural Differences and Coca-Cola

One thing I found interesting about the UK is their soft drink selection and the specific contents of those drinks.

I have found Coke products everywhere, but have not seen any Pepsi. As I’m a rabid fan of Pepsi, this was one of the few downsides to the trip.

Forced to drink Coke products to feed my caffeine addiction, I found they all tasted odd – good, but still odd. Reading the ingredient list, I quickly discovered why. There is a complete lack of High Fructose Corn Syrup in anything I have consumed this week. The use of actual sugar has a dramatic impact on the flavor of Coke.

Apparently some combination of sugar tariffs and corn subsidies have led American companies toward HFCS to flavor our sweets. The rest of the world still uses the real stuff… And frankly, it tastes much better.
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Written by Michael Turk