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Contact ABC About The Path To 9-11

I received a message from the Democrats asking me to contact ABC about the docu-drama they’re planning to run on Sunday night. The Path to 9-11 is set to air at 8 pm and has a bunch of Democrats steamed The Democrats argue that George Bush was responsible for 9-11 because he spent eight months not chasing bin Laden after Clinton spent eight years not chasing bin Laden.

I don’t agree, but I helped them meet their letter quota and sent one. Here’s what it said:

Mr. Iger,

I am appalled by recent attempts by Democrats to force you to censor your creative works. This same group opposed any such attempt to censor the Reagan docu-drama that was aired by CBS, but now promotes a double standard when it is their idol on the receiving end.

Just as CBS/Viacom chose to air the unedited version of their movie (albeit on Showtime) I think you should stick to your guns and show “The Path to 9/11” as planned.

To claim this film is a conservative attempt to blame Democrats for September 11 is irresponsible political hackery. I hope you will display intestinal fortitude and air the program without edits, disclaimers or other attempts to cave to the political hypocrisy the Democrats are pushing.


If you would like to send your own letter. Here’s their form…

Written by Michael Turk