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Conservative Coalition Opposing Net Neutrality

Net NeutralityThe Internet Freedom Coalition – a new group comprised largely of conservative groups – has formed in opposition to net neutrality legislation, Internet taxation, and UN control of the Internet. Americans for Tax Reform, Citizens Against Government Waste, the Institute of Liberty, Frontiers of Freedom and other stalwarts in the conservative union have banded together on this.

It’s good to see conservatives opposing this. This is a huge issue as it applies to the growth of government. With broadband taxes under consideration and net neutrality legislation the government continues its effort to get its hands firmly on the wheel of the Net. This should frighten Republicans and Libertarians. Hopefully this group will lead them to coalesce on the issue.

(Disclaimer: While I work for the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, this post should in no way be construed as an official position of the Association. Thoughts in this space are mine and mine alone and do not reflect the views of my employer.)

Written by Michael Turk