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Comment Spam

If you have a blog of your own, you know the huge pain in the ass that is comment spam. I have been looking for a good plugin for WordPress that would allow me to block comment spammers by IP address, and thought I had finally found one. As I was configuring it, I discovered something fascinating – about 90% of my comment spam was coming through the same two network providers.

The offending providers are:

RIPE Network Coordination Centre
P.O. Box 10096
Amsterdam, NL 1001EB

Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
PO Box 2131
Milton, QLD, AU 4064

I’m pointing this out for any other bloggers who happen to be fighting this battle. Maybe if we shame these bastards into policing their networks a little better, the rest of us won’t have to invest so much time in the battle of the spam. For anyone interested, I would be glad to provide the IP address blocks I’ve blocked. I’ll also post periodically to let you know how it’s working.

Written by Michael Turk