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CrimePoliticsAs if our court system isn’t abused enough be people seeking to capitalize on a broken legal system, all we need now is Valerie Plame’s frivolous lawsuit against Rove, Cheney, and Libby. Never mind the fact the special prosecutor has not completed his investigation, but preliminary reports would seem to indicate he is not going to find any wrong doing by at least two of the three (I’m counting Libby as one of the two because while he’s been charged with perjury, he has not been charged with any thing related to the leak.)

This is the epitome of frivolous suits. It is intended as a harassment opportunity and nothing else. Ignore for a moment the fact that Valerie Plame was so concerned about concealing her identity that she posed for Vanity Fair.

Sidebar: Plame claims the sunglasses she wore were an effective disguise and thus the pictures were ok. Is it just me, or is that the lamest idea of an effective disguise since Clark Kent’s glasses? I sincerely hope and pray that the CIA has better capabilities for protecting our agents’ identities than a large supply of Oakleys. Really, does anyone outside of DC Comics and old 50s movies honestly believe that somehow I become unrecognizable if I’m wearing sunglasses? But I digress

Plame is filing suit (and having Joe appear on every news program he can locate) in an effort to protect her family from retaliation by “America’s enemies.” Get real.

Sidebar: When Salman Rushdie thought his life was in danger, he was seen less often than Elvis – which was a feat given that the King had been dead for 10 years, but was still turning up in donut shops throughout the midwest.

If Plame is so concerned about her safety, having her husband appear live from DC on the news every other night is a pretty strange way to protect them. If she’s so concerned about the “loss of employment opportunities” maybe she should have been concerned about the generally upheld principles against nepotism before she signed her husband up to go to Niger.

Sidebar: That actually raises another question for me. If you were concerned about protecting your family, would you send your spouse to a shithole like Niger? It sounds to me like someone wanted a wild weekend with the gardener and needed a way to get the hubby out of town.

At any rate, I find Plame’s whole argument for the suit laughable, but assuming it actually went down the way she claims, you’d think she would wait for the outcome of the investigation, and sue those who are actually found responsible (if anyone is. It sounds like there is a strong possibility that nobody actually knew she was a covert operative when they referred to Wilson’s wife, there may likely be no case anyway.)

Why would you start a civil suit in the middle of an investigation by a special prosecutor – especially knowing that it may deter people from cooperating for fear of being sucked into your quest for more money.

Seriously, does this suit seem flimsy and opportunistic to anyone else?

Written by Michael Turk