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Clinton’s Anger Due to Gender?

PoliticsHillary today suggested GOP attacks on her anger issues are gender based. So it’s not that we find her to be terribly unpleasant, grating, bitchy, and otherwise atrocious – it’s that we find her to be a terribly unpleasant, grating, bitchy, atrocious woman.

“When you run as a Democrat, and in particular, when you run as a Democratic woman, whether you’re running at the local, state or national level, it’s likely you’re going to draw some unfriendly fire,” Clinton said at a breakfast fundraiser hosted by black and Hispanic women supporters. “People will be attacking you instead of your ideas, they may impugn your patriotism, they may even say you’re angry.”

Sorry, Hillary. I don’t need to lump you into a larger group to dislike you. There are plenty of reasons to oppose you as an individual.

Written by Michael Turk