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Choosing Sides

Any time you have to choose between two sides in an ever-escalating public relations war, you run the risk of permanently damaging a relationship that may have been built up over years. That’s the unfortunate situation I find myself in lately. I’m caught in the middle of a very ugly, and very personal fight between two people and find I’m being forced to choose a team.

As a result, I feel I must be very upfront and very vocal now that I have made my decision…. You can count me solidly in the Sarah Silverman camp. I think that Sarah is way out of Jimmy Kimmel’s league, and that he never had any business dating her. Howver, I also think she makes better videos.


You can compare this to Jimmy’s cheaper knock off.


It’s sad, really, that Jimmy a) doesn’t have the originality and has to copy my girl, but b) he also got the sloppy seconds and had to settle for the horse-faced Affleck.

Ben is, I might add, still desperately looking to make a movie that doesn’t suck. I would like to point out for his possible benefit this one little observation. If not every movie sucks, but every movie Ben Affleck is in DOES suck, there may be a common denominator worth exploring. I’m just saying.

So now that I have that off my chest, I feel better. It’s kind of a sad day for me. When Kimmel was on The Man Show, I thought he was funny. Unfortunately, it now appears that his success, much like Affleck’s, was based on the coat-tails of his partner in crime. Adam Corolla was, in retrospect, carrying the hapless Kimmel.


Written by Michael Turk