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CBS Suit Against Stern

CBS’ suit against Howard Stern has a lot of people asking “why now?”

Stern’s news conference yesterday raised that point specifically.

Stern said he had an explicit agreement with CBS Radio chief executive Joel Hollander allowing him to discuss the Sirius deal on the air as long as he did not mention the satellite network by name…

In a recent meeting to discuss the lawsuit, Stern claimed, Moonves said he was planning to sue all along during Stern’s final 14 months at CBS. “I said: ‘Les, wait a second. Are you admitting to fraud here? You misled me, you told me I could talk about Sirius radio, and then you knew in the back of your mind you were going to sue me?’ “

It seems odd that the company would not prevent him from plugging his move over the course of his final 14 months, then sue once he was gone. To listeners, the suit reeks of corporate entrapment.

For Stern, it should be reinforcement of his decision to jump to satellite.

Written by Michael Turk