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Bush Administration to Weigh in With Golddigger

PoliticsI really don’t understand what is going on with the Bush Administration. For a President who claims he is a huge fan and student of Reagan, he is doing a lot of things that ring hollow when compared to the Great Communicator. The latest example really leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth.

It seems the Administration wants to weigh in on the battle over J. Howard Marshall’s will. At issue for the ever atrocious Anna Nicole Smith is whether she’ll get $474 million dollars. At issue for the Administration is something much deeper, and something that would have had Reagan rolling over in his grave.

The Administration will ask the Supreme Court to reserve the Federal Government’s “right” to interfere with the state probate proceedings. After an appeals court vacated the ruling of a district court judge because they had no grounds to get involved in what amounts to a local issue, the Administration wants that decision reversed. They want to insinuate the federal government into cases that have traditionally been heard only by state and local courts.

Involving the fed in matters such as these is a slippery slope. It’s going to lead to more intrusion by the federal government into local matters. That’s something every Republican should oppose, and something that Reagan, with his view of limited federal government, would have been against.

Unfortunately, for all of his talk about Reagan and limited government, Bush continually fights for bigger, bloated federal government. It’s making me hope we can elect a real Republican in 2008.

Written by Michael Turk