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Broder On GOP Disaffection

PoliticsRepublicansDavid Broder is all over it, today. No matter how bad the Democrats are, and no matter how incoherent their strategy and message are, this election, in my view, will come down to whether or not the GOP can motivate the faithful to vote. It’s going to be an incredibly difficult sell as Broder points out.

“If it wasn’t for Pelosi,” he said, “I’d just as soon the Democrats take over this fall. Get some checks and balances and teach these guys a lesson.”

That’s a pretty powerful statement from a guy who has been intricately involved in the party. Those who are less involved likely harbor that same view of holding the administration accountable, but don’t have the fear of a Majority Leader Pelosi and may end up staying home.

In 2004, the base held together – despite the administration continually selling-out the fiscal conservatives – because we honestly believed that Bush, rather than Kerry, was better able to prosecute the war on terror. I don’t know if that view is commonly held anymore…

Broder is right – this election is the Supreme test of political skill for Rove and Mehlman.

Written by Michael Turk