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Bob Ney

For all the Republicans that were aghast at Paris Hilton’s or Mel Gibson’s arrests on drunk driving charges, and cried foul when they were treated so lightly by the law, where the hell is your outrage that Bob Ney is still a sitting congressman?

This is a guy that pled guilty to selling his office and selling our nation for the sake of personal enrichment. So far, the worst thing to happen to him is a stint at an alcoholism rehab center and the resignation of his committee chairmanships.

The Republican Party has an obligation, a duty, to boot this clown from Congress. For all of our talk following the Abramoff arrest that this was “just a few bad apples” and they would be dealt with, why are we not dealing with this one?

If we want to be taken seriously as a party in November, we must remove Ney from Congress right this moment. It’s bad enough that he was able to get a reduced sentence for his plea. He was elected to represent the people, and instead used his position to enrich himself at our nation’s expense.

He should be incarcerated for as long as the law allows. However, since that’s obviously not going to happen, the least he should suffer is the embarrassment of being removed from the office he dishonored.

Written by Michael Turk