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Bloody Monday

NBC Universal is changing it’s name to “All Game Shows, All The Time” as it prepares to lay off 5% of its staff, shutter offices and consolidate programming, according to this little post from the Wall Street Journal.

The steps, announced today, are part of an overhaul that also affects movie production and other operations at the entertainment conglomerate owned by General Electric Co. NBC Universal aims to cut operating expenses by $750 million by the end of next year, in large part by eliminating 5% of its global work force, or about 700 jobs, in coming months.

Apparently they’re unable to continue making television dramas that nobody watches at a cost of $2 million plus per episode. Honestly, I would fear for the future of television if HBO and others weren’t doing better TV than the networks anyway. Let NBC crank out game shows hosted by 80s comedy has-beens as long as HBO keeps cranking out shows like Entourage and The Sopranos.

Now we just need to move Studio 60 and Heroes to cable since those two shows deserve to survive, but would be so much better on a channel free from FEC regulations.

Written by Michael Turk