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BitTorrent: Coming Soon To A Cable Company Near You?

TechnologyMusicMoviesIn interesting news from the P2P world, BitTorrent and a UK cable company are teaming up to create a movies on demand download service – legally. Ars Technica has the details on the agreement.

While the initial phase of the project targets a very limited test audience, it’s interesting to see the partnership form. The media industry – TV, movies, and music – should watch this closely and learn. They need to embrace new technologies instead of replaying the same Chicken Little scenario all the time.

Internet technology, whether it’s media, politics, e-government, or anything else, creates opportunities for people to interact with electronic information on their terms. Seeing every emerging technology as a threat, rather than an opportunity, is dangerous and misguided. The media conglomerates need to figure that out, and figure it out quick.

Written by Michael Turk