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Bill Richardson, Third World Despot

PoliticsSelf-PromotionAfter the state department of motor vehicles sent a memo that seemed to require all DMV offices to hang a big picture of the governor, I guess New Mexicans should be glad they’re not being ordered to paint his face on the side of the building.

While Richardson denies the memo was generated in his office, and the DMV claims it was meant as an explanation of what’s available, not an edict, it’s not hard for me to believe this was just another move by New Mexico’s tyrannical despot.

Anybody who saw Bill Richardson’s “Hey Look At Me, I’m a Governor” ad on Times Square knows that this administration is all about Bill, and not at all about New Mexico. He wants what Saint Pete’s got, but doesn’t have the huevos to get it the right way. So he’ll steal, bribe, or force it if he can.

Written by Michael Turk