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Being Stupid Should Hurt

A friend once asked me to make her a deal. If I ever ran for Congress, and actually got elected, she wanted me to push a bill that would require an additive to the water supply. She felt that the government should put a drug into the water that would cause migraines if you had stupid thoughts.

She figured they could research the drug by hooking people up to an EEG and presenting them with real-life scenarios on a variety of topics. Each would have a dozen or so different answers, but one would stand out as being particularly dumb. If they picked the really dumb answer, the scanner should register the part of the brain that processes stupidity, and you could create a drug to target it.

That may be what this woman needs.

At exactly 5:45:34 on April 18, 2004 a computer taken from the office of the attorney of Melanie McGuire, did a search on the words “How To Commit Murder.”

That same day searches on Google and MSN search engines, were conducted on such topics as `instant poisons,` `undetectable poisons,’ ‘fatal digoxin doses,’ and gun laws in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Ten days later, according to allegations by the state of New Jersey, McGuire murdered her husband, William T. McGuire, at their Woodbridge apartment, using a gun obtained in Pennsylvania, one day after obtaining a prescription for a sedative known as the “date rape” drug.

Kathy may have been right. If all the really stupid people were doubled over with headaches all the time, at least they’d be easy to spot.

Written by Michael Turk