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Battlestar Galacti-geek!

Wondering what ever became of Zack Exley?

My dear friend (and after a week long absence possibly only remaining reader) Anne sent me a link to his whereabouts the other day. It seems Zack Exley (of MoveOn, Kerry, and Bush snorting coke fame) has put his Internet organization efforts to use on a cause of great global concern.

Having failed to mobilize enough Democrats to beat Bush in 2004, Exley has turned his attention to trying to help the friendless find someone with whom they can watch Battlestar Galactica. Apparently the philanthropic tendencies of this man know no bounds.

First, he blazed a trail for a whole generation of web savvy, but humor impaired Democrats who were no longer satisfied simply drawing moustaches on pictures in library books and felt the web was a better medium.

Then he lent his talents to’s effort to drag partisan politics into the mud with such favorites as the Hitler ads (it’s good to see that even after he left, MoveOn has yet to change it’s anti-Semitic ways).

Eager to plunge into the cutthroat world of partisan campaign politics, Exley offered to help the candidate that even one of my rabid Democrat friends refers to as “the windbag” – Senator John Kerry.

Now, Zack is helping lonely sci-fi geeks the world over gather together to bask in their geekiness with one another. In one fell swoop, he has confirmed every negative stereotype that those of us in online politics have worked for 12 years or more to dispel – we’re not all lonely science-fiction geeks.

Score another victory for Mr. Exley!

Written by Michael Turk