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Bat Shit Insane

CrimeIf you haven’t been reading the bizarre coverage of Muhammad questioning Malvo regarding the 2002 sniper shootings, then you’re missing out. It’s not every day you have one nutjob defending himself and examining his partner nutjob.

“Basically, we were planning to get caught,” Muhammad said, in an apparent attempt to discredit Malvo’s version.

“You did the planning, Mr. Muhammad,” Malvo responded.

This is too good not to follow. Unfortunately, the details that are emerging from the questioning are really, really frightening.

Malvo testified yesterday that Muhammad intended to blow up schools, school buses and children’s hospitalsMuhammad pulled the trigger in nine of the 10 fatal shootings and actually sought to claim six lives a day for a month… Malvo said, he spent hours staring at a fast-food restaurant through the scope of his high-powered rifle, under instructions from Muhammad to shoot a pregnant woman. Muhammad’s ultimate goal was to indoctrinate 140 young homeless men at a compound in Canada who would “shut things down” in cities across the United States, Malvo testified.

If you follow the bizarre evolution of the criminal element, you understand that just when you think someone is as nutty as any human being can ever be, someone else comes along to top it.

When I witnessed the carnage on 9-11, I thought that was the epitome of evil. Then I lived through the bizarre state of panic these two freaks created. It was amazing to see people duck walking from their car door to the gas tank lid when they filled up.

What terrifies me, though, is to think that some other lunatic is out there right now planning something even worse than this.

Sleep tight, tonight.

Written by Michael Turk