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Basic Instinct 2: Risk Aversion

MoviesThe second, and hopefully last, installment of Basic Instinct comes out this weekend. The working title was Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction. Like the title says, I’m a bit more risk averse.

When Sharon Stone was 34, she was hot. Guys would go see an otherwise awful movie to see her goodies. I don’t know a single guy who would have seen the first flick if the word of mouth about Stone’s cooch-baring appearance in the police station hadn’t convinced them to do it.

Today, she’s almost 50. I can honestly say I have no interest at all in seeing her goodies now. Judging by the collection of c-list talent that stars in the movie with Stone, it’s apparent not many other people feel differently. Nobody wants to be a part of this train wreck. This movie is the equivalent of a rock star’s fifteenth farewell tour.

Stone said in an interview that this would be her last opportunity to do something like this. God willing, we’ll realize the dream of time travel between now and Friday and can stop this movie from happening…

Written by Michael Turk