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Barack to Hillary: F-You


After a weekend filled with Hillary playing up the idea of a joint ticket, Obama responds back in his speech in Columbus, Mississippi. The short version? ‘No Friggin’ Way!’ He unequivocally stated that he was uninterested in a joint ticket – going so far as to say that she and McCain represent the conventional wisdom of DC. He says he’s not interested in simply going along.

It really was a very impressive and very public rebuke to the Clinton campaign which has sought to play up the idea of a joint ticket (with Hillary on top, of course). It should end the talk coming out of Hillary’s camp.

For Hillary’s team, it really is sort of a bad idea to push this. The Vice-President is someone who can assume the mantle of Commander-in-Chief if the President dies. Apparently Obama is ready to fit that bill, but not ready for the actual job. Not sure how they did the math that says he’s ready for one but not the other. It seems an illogical argument to make.

Written by Michael Turk