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Bad Technology! Bad! Bad!

TechnologyStuff That SucksMy good friend Jack passed this along. It’s the PCWorld Magazine list of the top 25 worst tech products of all time. Clocking in at number one is America Online. I don’t think there is a person alive who would disagree with that. It lists Real Media’s RealPlayer (circa 1999) at number two, but I honestly don’t know why they limit it to the 1999 edition when that product has sucked from the get-go.

I’m solidly in agreement with most of these, but two jumped out at me as just plain mean. First, I never had a problem with Windows ME. I know a lot of people did, but I liked it and it worked fine. Second, what was wrong with Microsoft’s Bob? It was goofy and stupid, but it made computing fun. Given the myriad applications that let you skin Windows, it’s clear that people want something different. Bob was just way ahead of it’s time.

WebTV (which gets only an honorable mention) was far worse than Bob, as was the Dell PC that had a tendency to catch on fire.

Written by Michael Turk