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Bad News For The Left

PoliticsHow many times have you heard the left claim that all of America is with them on their social positions? Specifically, how many times have we been told how overwhelmingly pro-choice we are? Well, it turns out it just isn’t true.

A new Zogby poll indicates Americans are much more anti-abortion that we’ve been led to believe. According to the poll of 30,117 respondents, we as a people tend to oppose abortion a lot more than we want it. We’re pretty split on whether we believe there is a constitutional protection for abortion – 46% say there is and 45% say there’s not.

On the question of SCOTUS nominees, 71% said we should not confirm only pro-choice candidates while only 17% said we should. This could explain why Democrats had little public support on the nominations of Alito and Roberts.

The poll found a majority of respondents on 16 of the 20 questions took an anti-abortion position, including:

  • – Parental notification laws that were recently upheld by the Supreme Court (55% support for girls 18 yrs & younger; 69% for girls 16 yrs old & younger; only 36% and 23% disagree respectively)
  • – Abortion ends a human life (59% agree; 29% disagree)
  • – The prohibition of federal funds for abortions abroad (69% agree with the prohibition; 21% disagree)
  • Abortion because of the sex of the fetus (86% agree should be illegal; 10% disagree should be illegal)
  • Requiring insurance plans to cover abortions where the life of the mother is not endangered (56% disagree with such a requirement; 12% agree)
  • When life begins (50% believe it begins at conception; 19% believe life begins at birth)
  • – A new federal partial-birth abortion bill (50% want to see another bill; 39% don’t want to see another bill)
  • Requiring counseling about a mother’s options before undergoing an abortion (55% agree with such a counseling requirement; 37% disagree)
  • – A 24-hour waiting period (56% agree with waiting period; 37% disagree)
  • Federal & state financing of abortions for poor women (51% disagree with financing; 37% agree)
  • – Laws that charge a person who kills a pregnant woman with two murders (64% agree with such laws; 23% disagree)

The poll also indicates that Democrats running on a pro-choice platform could lose as much as 20% of their support.

Written by Michael Turk