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Bad, Blogger! Bad! Bad!

So the Chief of Staff steps down at the White House, and the blog world is atwitter. Everyone will make their pronouncements about the “shake up” and rumble about this being overdue, blah, blah, blah…

The fact is, this should really not surprise anyone. For those who believe the Presidency is the hardest job on Earth, I would disagree. As the President, you have to make a lot of really difficult decisions, but ultimately the responsibility for enforcing those decisions falls to the Chief of Staff. He’s the guy that not only has to make sure the government is acting on the President’s words, but he also has to keep the train running on time.

Andy Card has done a phenomenal job. After five years of not seeing your family, working ridiculous hours, and being a public whipping boy, anyone would be walking out. In fact, most people would have been gone two or three years ago. It’s a testament to his abilities that he is served that long without a psychotic break.

Josh Bolten will come aboard. Yes, there may be some additional turnover. If you have ever worked for someone you really respected and liked, you’ll understand that there may well be some people who go with Andy. Some people may feel they mesh better with an Andy Card than they do with Josh, and they’ll move on. Josh will also bring with him some top flight people with whom he has worked.

I should probably get all spun up about it. That’s what bloggers do. But all of this, despite what you will hear from the left and the MSM, is not indicative of trouble in the White House. This is simply a reshuffling of the deck. Nothing more.

Written by Michael Turk