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Back in the Swing of Things

Before I began advising Thompson’s campaign and imposed a degree of radio silence on myself, I had spent a lot of time sharing my thoughts on the absurdity of our culture, our political system, and even my own taste in movies and music. I spent a lot of time chatting about the ways campaigns are using the Internet and critiquing their efforts. In some instances, I have even been known to go off on a rant about the GOP and its recent search for a soul.

Prior to joining the Thompson team, I had posted 707 posts in about 18 months. Much of it was blather, I’ll admit. But I like to think there was the occasional nugget of what might pass for wisdom. At the very least, having an outlet for me to share my frustration kept me from ending up as a story on the nightly news. In the 8 months I have been assisting the campaign, I have added another 70 posts, but have felt a void because I have felt the need to hold back and not take a good hard stare at the election and share my thoughts.

Well, the silence is now broken. I have worked through the five stages of grief over Thompson’s withdrawal and said my piece about that. The gloves are coming off, and over the next 9 1/2 months, it’s on. I’m back and more than ready to rumble. Whoever the GOP nominee may be, I’ll be calling them out when they violate the principles of Federalism on which our party was built.

I’m also, however, looking forward to helping strip the hide off of whatever nominee the Dems throw at us (my bet is still on Obama, but we can always hope for a nice floor fight).

For the six visitors who have stuck with me threw the lean times, let’s do this thing. For any new folks who stumble upon my little corner of the Net. Welcome. Settle in, have a drink, and get ready to rock.

Written by Michael Turk