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Atrocious Or Just Lame

PoliticsErick over at RedState is spun up about this ad from the DCCC. He’s incensed at Rahm Emanuel and the DCCC using dead soldiers to scrape together some bucks to promote an agenda that even the Democrats in Congress can’t get behind.

Honestly, while I can see Erick’s point, I found the video to be more stupid than upsetting. It starts strong, and I was thinking it could actually be very effective, but then, like everything the Dems do, it finished weak. What’s more, I didn’t even know Bill Clinton was running for the House, but apparently he’s looking for a hobby.

Seriously, the ad is tacky, and using the images of those left homeless by Katrina or those killed in Iraq for a fundraising piece is the epitome of bad taste. But that’s to be expected from the loony left that brought you the now infamous MoveOn Hitler ads.

Written by Michael Turk