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Another Twitter Project – @MusicIn120

A few weeks ago I launched a Twitter project called @MoviesIn120. The idea was to share movie reviews in 120 characters or less. I’ve been having a good time with that and it’s starting to build a good base of followers.

Today I decided to kick off @MusicIn120 or less for much the same reason – it’s a way to share good music, concert reviews, and artist info quickly.

As a huge fan of both music, I thought it would be a fun outlet to share some thoughts and hear from others about what they’re listening to. I hope you’ll check it out.

Finally, as a housekeeping note, the reason for “120” is two-fold. First, I retweet reviews from others and the 20 characters between 120 and Twitter’s limit of 140 allow me space for a byline. Second, I’m in the process of developing a pseudo-SocNet at both and that will allow people to upload two minute (or 120 second) video and audio clips to review (or recreate or reenact) the music/movie in question, search for and find short reviews for movie they’re interested in, or simply discuss the topics.

Written by Michael Turk