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Another GOPBloggers Post

PoliticsShameless Self-PromotionI’ve got another post up over at The Washington Post yesterday ran a boring article on electronic voting machines and concern over them. They went into the back and forth between election officials and Diebold (ignoring the fact that there are other vendors). They failed to cover is the concern we should have over the election officials.

If wholesale vote fraud is going to take place, it’s not going to be done by one guy with a smart card reader (the threat everyone seems to focus on). It’s also not likely that a campaign would shell out the dough to buy smart card readers and deploy them in every precinct. The conspiracy, at that point, would be too large to stay private.

The real threat comes from the county clerks and the guys that run the warehouse where the machines are stored. The conspiracy would be small enough to remain out of view, but be simple enough to pull off…

Anyway, I hope you’ll pop over and take a look

Written by Michael Turk