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An Open Letter To The Morons That Make Slides For The GOP Convention

Dear pinheads:

Take a good long look at the picture to the left. This is a saguaro cactus. It is native to Arizona, parts of Mexico and a small piece of California. It DOES NOT GROW in New Mexico.

Despite this fact, every four years you morons insist on putting it on the slide for New Mexico that appears on the giant screen behind the stage at the Republican convention.

In 2004, I was in Madison Square Garden during the run through and stopped you idiots from doing this. I saw the slide, called some folks at the convention, and got it taken out just before it went on air.

Unfortunately, I can’t be there every four years, so you’re going to have to write this shit down and put it in a file for next time. I cannot be clearer. THE SAGUARO CACTUS DOES NOT GROW IN NEW MEXICO! Including it is an insult to New Mexicans – all of whom know that this cactus doesn’t grow there.

The fact that you do it every four years says, “F**k You!” to a state that you need to win.

It would be easy enough to let someone from the delegation see the slide before you use it. So please, for the love of God, stop doing this.


An Angry New Mexican

Written by Michael Turk