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About the New Look and Feel

Every so often I get the urge to reskin this site. The fine folks at WordPress have made it so easy to do, I just like to take advantage. With the recent 3.0 release, they have added a bunch of new features for themes, and I wanted to test drive them.

Sure, it’s a little more mundane than my past looks, and yes, it is very, very white. But I’ve always said my theme is a reflection of my mood. I’m feeling very minimalist lately.

As for the new logo, I really liked that image. The little blue guy is definitely blocking the kick. To me, however, it still looks like the little white guy has hauled off and kicked the other one in the junk. That made me laugh really hard. I’m not sure Keith Haring would be terribly excited to know he inspired an image of a guy booting another guy in the jimmy… but hey, that’s art, right?

I hope to update the site more frequently as well. So those of you who were shocked to see two posts in your feed reader – both in one month – beware. I’ve got some stuff on my chest I need to get off, and this is where I do that.

Written by Michael Turk