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RepublicansPoliticsFrank Donatelli, Jason Torchinsky, Becki Donatelli, Chuck DeFeo and I have been working to put together the GOP equivalent of Act Blue – the Democrat’s online fundraising PAC. The GOP has been woefully behind on creating a platform like this. Most people point to the RNC and say, “they should be doing this!” But unfortunately, the reality is they have a lot of legal restrictions and party rules that prevent them from doing it the way it needs to be done.

So yesterday we launched The initial launch is merely a framework for what the site will eventually become. It currently features the top tier races for the GOP in the House and Senate.

The ultimate goal is to list every GOP candidate, and to provide a lot of tools for bloggers – things like tracking IDs, widgets for your site, and some competitions between bloggers to drive donations for key races, special elections, etc.

To keep the site up and running, and continue the development, the PAC relies on your support. I hope you’ll consider making a donation to some very good candidates in very tough races. I hope you’ll also consider making a donation to the PAC to keep it growing.

Written by Michael Turk