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ABC PAC, Rightroots, and the RNC

In support of the Rightroots effort, the RNC yesterday sent a fundraising solicitation to its supporters asking them to support the Rightroots effort. As a result, the initiative is approaching $175,000 raised for GOP candidates. A huge feat for an effort that didn’t exist 66 days ago, and hosted by a PAC that was launched on a shoestring.

Back in September, Rightroots began an effort to raise 100 contributions each for 21 candidates in 15 days. At the time the effort was launched, the goal seemed modest. The difficulty would be making people aware of the challenge.

The Democrats have had ActBlue for two years, and it has been very successful at raising money for their people.

By way of comparison, the GOP has had nothing like this type of community fundraising, and the PAC that was hosting the Rightroots challenge was only 36 days old when the challenge began.

Thanks to the efforts of a group of Republican bloggers, and a lot of generous donors, they made it. The RNC had made a deal with Rightroots. If they reached their goal, they would send the e-mail noted above. It was good to receive that e-mail, and know the effort that went into my receiving it.

Honestly, when Jason Torchinsky and I approached Frank Donatelli and Craig Shirley about this effort, and asked Chuck Defeo to join us, I didn’t know if it would work. I had some doubts about Republicans coming together for community fundraising efforts. I have been pleasantly surprised and thrilled with the results.

I’d like to extend my thanks, on behalf of the PAC, to Ken Mehlman and Patrick Ruffini for making the arrangement to help promote the PAC and Rightroots. I’d also like to thank John Hawkins for being a tireless advocate for Republican candidates by putting together the Rightroots coalition, and Mary Katherine Ham for using her time and position to really drive others to help us make the numbers.

Keep an eye on through the election and after to see what else we have in store.

Written by Michael Turk