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A Moderate Revolution

PoliticsDemocratsRepublicansMy friend Anne tipped me off to this one

Tomorrow, Unity08 launches their effort to elect a bipartisan, moderate ticket. The effort is organized by Doug Bailey (of Hotline fame) and a handful of seasoned political operatives. Seasoned? Hell, some of these guys are centenarians that served in the first Roosevelt administration. Ok, that last part is an exaggeration, but Hamilton Jordan and Gerald Rafshoon are holdovers from the Carter campaign and Bailey worked for Ford. I hope they have someone under 60 putting together their Internet strategy.

The idea, though, is desperately overdue. I have railed against the primary/redistricting processes here and this effort is one logical outcome of those failed systems. When redistricting guarantees that the only real challenges come from the fringe, not in the general, you end up with primaries that pit the ideologues against one another.

Hopefully this effort will call attention to the inherent flaws in the two parties and result in the two having to fight for the middle once again.

Written by Michael Turk