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A Lesson On Tolerance & Hypocrisy

PoliticsI’d rather be a Democrat hated by the left than a Republican hated by the right. For that reason, I often feel sorry for Lincoln Chafee. The Democrats don’t want him simply because he has an “R” after his name. The Republicans don’t want him because they don’t feel he should have that “R”.

I’d rather be someone like Joe Lieberman. Lieberman has a similar problem, though. The Democrats dislike his support for the war and his willingness to work with the President. The difference is the GOP embraces him for that.

The GOP base has its problems with our guys who support the Dems, but we’re more than happy if one of their guys plays ball with us. Your better off being a Dem crossing lines because you know we’ll welcome you. Democrats can’t, and won’t do that. If you’re a Republican and go against the party, nobody’s got your back.

Sure, Democrats like to point out when our guys go off the reservation. They’ll crow any time Chuck Hagel says he thinks the President is screwing up. But if one of “their” groups endorses a Republican, that’s where the acceptance ends.

If the NRA endorses a Democrat because he supports gun owners’ rights, I’m ok with that. I think most of my GOP friends are too. Let the Sierra Club endorse a Republican, though, and the Democrats go to pieces. Looks like we know where the real intolerance lies.

Written by Michael Turk