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45 Days

CongressCrimePoliticsIt is inconceivable to me that stonewalling of the investigation into the possible crimes of William Jefferson continues. Yesterday marked the passing of the 45-day grace period for Congress and the FBI to work out an arrangement. The courts have yet to move on the legality/illegality of the search and Jefferson’s lawyers are making the laughable claim that Congressional offices cannot be searched.

It is absolutely disgusting to see our elected officials have become so power-mad and arrogant that they would simply sit on this and hope it doesn’t go anywhere. The people have a right to know if a member has been selling out his country for extra cash. They have a right to know if the other members of Congress are hiding behind this case to keep their own misdeeds from being unearthed.

If Congress, the FBI, and the courts do not take action immediately, we owe it to ourselves and our nation to rise up en masse and topple every single one of these jackasses at the ballot box.

If our elected officials continue to insist that they are above the law, then we must ensure they are elected officials no longer.

Written by Michael Turk