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To Impeach, Or Not To Impeach?

PoliticsJohn Kerry, widely recognized as one of the funniest men alive (erm…), was back to his old stand up routines while drinking it up with last year’s big losers (his staff) at a poorly conceived Christmas cocktail party. One of his “jokes” brought down the house.

Now before Kos gets all spun up about the hypocrisy of me opposing talk of impeachment, let me say I thought the GOP impeachment of Clinton was a staggeringly bad move. It was dumb politically, and it was an epic waste of time and taxpayer funds. That’s why I think stupid comments like this, from a presidential has been no less, are ridiculous and have no place in politics.

Impeachment should be reserved for the worst crimes – things like orchestrating a break-in in an effort to win a campaign. They should not be used as yet another partisan weapon. That repulses the electorate and contributes to the already dismal regard for government demonstrated by our citizens.

Kerry should immediately apologize to everyone he can find. His spokesman claims it was said in humor, but Kerry ends up looking like the only joke in this situation.

Update: A friend wrote me to say:

    Organizing a break-in to win an election you were going to win by 20 points anyway isn’t evil. It’s stupid. Dirty tricks can be forgiven. Stupidity cannot be.

I have to agree. I just think that getting some friends together to ransack the DNC in the middle of the night is a crime. Perjury, whether committeed by the President to cover up a cigar-bang with an intern, or by a White House aide who can’t recall who he talked to or when, is a stupid crime to charge. Either charge me for the crime you’re investigating that led to me lie under oath, or forget it.

Written by Michael Turk