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Take Us To Your New Leaders

PoliticsThe big news in DC today has to be the elections for the GOP leadership. Rep. Roy Blunt (MO), John Boehner (OH) and John Shaddegg (AZ) are hoping to earn the Majority Leader post. The outcome could well determine the outcome of the elections this year.

If Blunt is elected, many reason, it will demonstrate that the GOP isn’t serious about cleaning its house in the wake of the Abramoff scandal. If they choose Shaddegg or Boehner, they’re looking for some reform and ready to kick ass.

The first vote is expected sometime after 1pm. The campaign between Shaddegg and Boehner has been remarkably pleasant – with both aiming at Blunt. If there’s no clear winner on the first ballot, it’s likely the cellar dweller will drop out and endorse on of the leftovers. In a typhoon, it’s anyone’s ball game, so keep watching…

Written by Michael Turk