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Screwing Around In The Margins

The ongoing tinkering with my look and feel continues unabated. I decided to keep the same look, but to expand the margins. I finally determined that my issue with the site was due to my screen resolution. My laptop resolution is ridiculously high. That created a situation where my blog was this long thin strip on the screen.

Taking a look at my Google Analytics account, I see that only 4% of the visitors to my blog are running 800×600. In the meantime, 65% of my traffic was actually greater than 1024×768. If the overwhelming majority of my 11 readers were all seeing the same annoying landing strip site that I was looking at, why not change?

So I decided to keep the wider format of my revamped site, but the look and feel of the existing site.

That’s all for now on the design side. I’ll stop screwing with it at this point. Enjoy.

Written by Michael Turk