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Oscar Recap

MoviesI intended to post on the Oscars this morning, but I’ve been working on a couple of things that demanded attention. It was, however, quite a night… Really… I promise…

Let’s see, best picture… Crash… Still one of the worst movies I have ever seen. According to J-Lo, though, I think that because I may have missed a line at the very beginning… Something about people so lonely they are crashing into other people just to meet another person.

I have to admit, in that context, the movie makes more sense. It’s a wreck from the beginning and keeps getting worse. Apparently the actors, directors and writers are just very lonely people…

Brokeback Mountain‘s writer claims the Academy is biased against movies that take place in rural settings… All evidence in the last 15 years to the contrary… I guess Dances With Wolves, Unforgiven, Forest Gump and American Beauty were really set in LA, we just didn’t know it.

It could be the Academy examined Brokeback Mountain and asked themselves this question… “If this movie featured a heterosexual couple, would it still be good?” I haven’t seen the flick, but everyone to whom I have directed that question says, “Um, no. It would suck.”

Other than Best Picture, there really weren’t many surprises. Reese, Clooney, Hoffman, and Weisz were fairly safe bets.

Written by Michael Turk