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So Here’s The Thing About The Postal Service Retirement Funding…

My lefty friends and those I follow keep regurgitating this ridiculous left-wing talking point about the reason the Postal Service is scrapping Saturday delivery.  The gist of it is this:
Republicans in Congress passed a bill that requires the Postal Service to fund 75 years worth of health benefits for every employee, and even for employees

Thoughts On Dubstep From An Electronic Noise Addict

Let me preface this post by saying two things.
First, I love music.  I have preferred genres and artists, sure.  Everybody does.  But I have found very little music I can’t listen to, and am not willing to explore. I have listened to everything from Air Supply to Zebrahead.  I love the melodic expression of emotion

A Mass Murderer’s Suggestion for Curbing Violence

I am a mass murderer.  At least that’s what the media would have you believe.
I play violent video games. I watch violent movies. I have read tales of fantasy, violence and destruction most of my life.  I also listen to rock music – the harder the better – and have for most of my life.

Stuff They Don’t Tell You About Being A Dad

I am constantly discovering all the things nobody tells you about being a parent – “life’s lessons”, as it were, about child ownership.
For instance, kid’s LOVE band-aids.  The only thing better you can put on an apendage is a temporary tattoo.  Band-aids are simply the coolest.  They are so cool, in fact, that you don’t